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See, think, act.

Romulus has the comprehensive analytics tools
to power data-driven democracy in your town.

Forward-thinking local governments nationwide are transforming constituent services with data analytics. Romulus helps you harness your data to streamline office performance, diagnose systemic community issues, and effectively solve problems.

Instant insight on your citizens’ needs

With Romulus, analyzing data comes naturally. Stats and metrics such as average time to close cases, heat maps of trouble areas in your jurisdiction, and graphs of top case types will heighten your understanding of your community’s needs.

And with Smart Lists, our powerful filtering system, these metrics can inform any subset of your constituent or case data.


Geographic intelligence

Location-based data is critical: it allows you to tailor your approach to different constituent groups, as well as identify patterns and problem areas. That’s why geographical awareness is woven through all Romulus features. Any list of constituents or cases can be shown as a heat map, and street maps accompany addresses on constituent and case records.

Optimize staff workflow,
accountability, and performance.

Just as analytics enhance your understanding of constituents’ needs, these Romulus features help bring your office workflow and staff performance to a higher level. Performance metrics, such as average time to resolve cases and respond to constituent inquiries, help you to set and exceed your goals.

Stats can also be broken down by staff member or team and in other ways, so you have the knowledge you need to distribute workload, optimize performance, and resolve bottlenecks.

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An Integrated Toolbox

Romulus is the nerve center
for innovative government offices.

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Seamless Communications

Keep staff coordinated and constituents informed with robust messaging tools.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Best-in-class safeguards keep
your data safe from prying eyes.

Learn how Romulus can bring data-driven democracy to your town.