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Centralize constituent records, requests, and case management with Romulus: web-based software that your staff will love.

Romulus brings order to the chaos
of constituent services.

Gone are the days of tracking constituents and their requests with Post-Its, spreadsheets, or paper file folders.

Romulus helps you to know your citizens better and resolve their requests faster, while keeping your staff harmonized and happy. And it works with tools you’re already using, like Outlook, Gmail, and Open311.


Full-featured Constituent Relationship Management

With Romulus’s Core CRM, your office will forge closer relationships with the people you serve. More than a robust constituent directory, Romulus lets you annotate constituent records with notes, tags, and even file attachments.

What’s more, you can keep track of not only individuals, but also citizen organizations such as clubs, churches, and advocacy groups.

Tackle constituent requests faster with first-class case management.

Romulus equips you with comprehensive tools for fulfilling constituent requests. You’ll resolve cases with greater responsiveness and keep projects from slipping through the cracks.

Cases are created by staff members in response to constituent inquiries or to track office projects. Cases can also be submitted directly by constituents through your public website. Like constituent records, cases can be annotated and organized using notes, attachments, tags, and priority levels.

You can also associate cases with one or more constituents, who can optionally be notified by email of changes in case status. Constituents can comment or ask questions simply by replying to these updates.


Powerful searching and filtering capabilities give you maximum visibility.

Romulus’s lightning-fast search can find the constituent, case, or message you’re looking for as soon as you can think of it, while its filtering capabilities open up new possibilities for advanced searches and customized, automatically-updating lists.

Consider the following examples of queries that can be implemented through Romulus filters and smart lists:

  • Every unresolved case submitted in the past week with a critical priority level
  • Constituents who live within the 90102 Zip code and are interested in community policing
  • An automatically updated list of open cases assigned to Jim or Lisa involving trash pickup

Romulus integrates with the tools you’re already using.

Romulus shares information with your existing software and information systems with Open311 support, Gmail and Outlook add-ons, and custom integrations.

Romulus integrates seamlessly with Open311-compatible systems, letting you forward requests through 311 with just a few clicks. So leave the data-sync to us, and you can get back to meeting your constituents’ needs.

Outlook integration screenshot
Outlook integration screenshot


And with our free extensions for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, you can forward cases into Romulus without ever leaving your inbox. Romulus will automatically find or create the right constituent record and associated with your newly-created case — it really is that easy.

Whatever legacy system your office needs to support, there is a very good chance we can integrate Romulus with it — just ask!

A bird’s eye view of your office workflow

When you log in to Romulus, its Dashboard gives you an overview of your own work and your office’s activities. The office-wide activity feed lets you see what’s happening throughout the office and avoid duplicated work.

You also can see a feed of your own recent activity, priority tasks, and a list of your recently viewed constituents and cases, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off.


We’ve only scratched the surface.

Romulus also provides the following capabilities — and more.

  • User management and role-based permissions
  • Tasks can be added to cases, constituents, and organizations and assigned to users
  • Custom fields for cases, constituents, and organizations; custom, color-coded status and priority levels for cases

Get in touch today to see how Romulus can transform your office.

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Seamless Communications

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Best-in-class safeguards keep
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