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Through its superior communication and collaboration tools,
Romulus powers better service for citizens.

With Romulus, your staff, constituents, and collaborators will always get the message.

Romulus is designed from the ground up to foster a collaborative workflow for local government staff as well as more fruitful engagement with your community.

Keep everybody on the same page with Conversations.

Conversations in Romulus are personal and powerful. Citizens participate simply by replying to e-mail. For your staff, however, Conversations represent a quantum leap over plain e-mail.

Important case information like locations, description, priority level, and assigned staff members appear on the same page as the conversation thread, so the information you need is always close at hand. While they’re a great way for staff members talk with constituents, you can also have Conversations that involve only staff members.



Need to loop in a staffer whose department doesn’t yet use Romulus? No problem — It’s easy to include anyone in a Conversation simply by adding a name and e-mail address.

With Conversations, intelligence is built in. If you mistype an e-mail address, Romulus will alert you to delivery failures, suggest corrections, and automatically re-send messages.

Purpose-built for better collaboration.

Romulus isn’t simply a collection of features — all of its tools work together to foster collaboration and information-sharing. Notes and files can be attached to any case or constituent, ensuring that relevant information never gets lost. And users can assign tasks to themselves and others, so important follow-up steps don’t fall off the radar.

All together, Romulus is the best tool for keeping your staff organized and informed.

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An Integrated Toolbox

Romulus is the nerve center
for innovative government offices.

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Powerful Analytics

Turn data into insight on
citizen services and staff workflow.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Best-in-class safeguards keep
your data safe from prying eyes.

Learn how Romulus can boost collaboration and communication for your office.